You can create stealthseminar account from below link :

After creating account and login, you have to create webinar and after you create webinar you can see this screen.

Now click on copy to clipboard and you will get a link copied.
EX :
in above link “JlToyY” is the SHORTID you have to use while create custom form.

Now we are moving to kickpages editor :

You have to create 3 form fields(each filed name must be same as defined):


Type: text
Name : name


Type : text
Name : email


Type : dropdown
Name : start_time

start_time will fill automatically by times added in stealthseminar

You have to add one button to submit form displayed in bellowed image

Page Settings:

After creating page got to page setting -> Custom Includes
Add this script tag in “Code for Head Tag”
<script src=""></script>

And then publish the page, on published page you can see start_time drop down will fill with time automatically.