With Kickpages you can easily drip feed content to your membership pages. This means, that you can make content available for your membership page users based on the time they signed up. For example, if you have a seven lesson membership page which should add one lesson each day for a week automatically, it can be done easily.

Drip Feed settings are available for custom membership pages only, they are not available for default system pages, like the dashboard for example:

You have to set up Drip feed for each page separately which you would like to display with a drip feed and not make it available at once at signup.

There are two ways to drip feed your pages:

1. Range

If range is defined, you can set the interval itself in the first field and the metric in the second. For example.. if you enter 1 and select days, means that this page, will be available in the membership area in one day after the user signed up. Drip feed range is defined per user, so it is based on the timestamp of each user's signup.

2. Date & Time

By setting the Drip Feed to date and time, means that the page will become available at a given time for each user. You can set the Timezone you would like to use. You can set Start date, end date or both if you would like.

For example... if you set a start date and not an end date, this means that the page becomes available at the set start date and never expires. If you do not set the start date but set the end date, means that this page is available at signup, but will expire at the set end date. If both start date and end date are set, obviously will become available at the set start date, and expire at the set end date.

If you have any issues setting up your drip feed or have any questions, then please contact us and we will try our best to help you out.