Adding a scroll to top floating button in the bottom corner of your page is usual, specially if your pages are really tall. 

This can be done easily in Kickpages by adding a transparent floating section to the bottom of your page with a button which links to the top section of your page. This tutorial covers another way which could be easier to add and more customizable, specially if you know some CSS and JavaScript.

To have a sticky floating button like this is really simple, just go to your page settings and add the code below to the "Code for Body Tag" field in the "Custom Includes section":

The code you need to add can be found on this link

The code should be self explanatory and easy to customize, but if you have any issues or questions, then please contact our support and we will try to help. Please note, the floating button, will be displayed only in the published page and will NOT be shown in the editor or in preview. This means that you will need to publish or republish your page after adding it to view it.