KickPages Tutorials URLs


Login To KickPages

Update Your Custom Subdomain

Upgrading Your Account

Change Your Password

How To Add A User To Your Account

Account cancellation


Manage Your Leads

Manage Your Templates

Manage Your Design Blocks

Manage Your Categories

Create A Page

Create A Project

Page Dashboard Overview

Project Dashboard Overview



Adding Video To A Page

Add a Facebook Pixel

Adding a sub-nav to your navigation menu

Adding A Video Background

Using custom CSS to style your pages

Customize A Headline


Link your nav menu using the "Internal" option

Using Popups In Kickpages

Using Zapier with Kickpages

Link Your Logo To The Home Page

Image Slider

Adding Images To Your Page

Timed Display


Global Blocks

Connect An Opt-In Form And Save Leads To KickPages

Customizing A Countdown Timer

Adding Design Blocks To A Page

Adding Templates To A Page

Customize A Faq Block

Create A Background Gradient

Customize A Navigation Menu

Adding Multiple Elements To A Page

Customize A Bullet List

Create A Parallax Image Effect

Customize A Divider

Use Transparency To Adjust Gradients And Background Images

How To Download Your Project

How To Customize A Pop Up

Create A Background Gradient

Customize A Social Sharing Element

Customize A Modal Video

Customize A Featured Image

Saving Custom Design Blocks

Customizing A Paragraph

Customizing A Google Map

Customize A Button

Editor Design Options Overview

Customize A Price Table

Working With Columns

Connect An Opt-In Form To Aweber Autoresponder

Connect An Opt-In Form To MailChimp Autoresponder

Connect An Opt-In Form To ConstantContact Autoresponder

Connect An Opt-In Form To GetResponse Autoresponder

Copying Sections, Rows, And Elements

How To Use Tags

Facebook Open Graph Settings

How To Use The Collaborate Feature

Link Your Nav Menu To Pages

Working With Sections, Rows And Elements

Working With Elements

Using the KickPages Editor

Use Transparency To Create A Dimmer Effect For Video

Lazy Loading

Form Validation

Section Dividers

Image Resizing

Evergreen Timer

Inner rows

Meta tags and page title


How To Preview A Template

Template Types – Page and Project

Template Classes – User and System


Integrate Your GoToWebinar Account

Integrate Your Get Response Account

Integrate Your Constant Contact Account

Integrate Your Aweber Account

Integrate Your MailerLite Account

Integrate Your MailChimp Account

Integrate Your Stealth Seminar Account



How To Publish To Your KickPages Subdomain

Clearing Your Browser Image Cache In Chrome And Firefox


KickPages Tutorials URLs

Mobile Responsive Pages

Manage Your Image Gallery

Using Stripe with Kickpages

Kickpages Member

Creating a membership site with Kickpages Member


Create a funnel

Connect your pages and publish your funnel

Create a funnel with upsells and downsells

Types of funnel page

Create a product

How to edit your funnel transaction emails

How to integrate stripe

How to integrate paypal

Adding a product to your funnel

Types of checkout

Order form

Configure paypal for subscriptions

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