Adding your custom tracking codes and pixels

Adding your custom tracking code, pixel code is usually done two ways. In EHAD section or in BODY section, and this is specified each time by the developer of the tracking code. In Kickpages you can add your tracking code to a whole project which means the code will be added to each page in that project, or to specific pages in a project.

Adding a site wide tracking code:

- From your dashboard, hover over the small icon in the bottom left corner of your project and click on "Includes"

- You can add codes to the HEAD or the BODY sections from this screen, then click on "Save"

Adding a tracking code to a specific page(s)

- You can click on your project and enter it then do the same as the above for specific pages in the project:

- additionally, you can add it straight from the editor if you open your page to edit, click on "Settings", "Custom Includes" and add your code to the section you would like

Please note, if you have any issues adding your tracking codes, you can contact us any time and we can assist you.

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