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Integromat is a powerful free tool to connect different web applications together, with ready made integrations. In this tutorial we will see, how you can use Integromat to catch and process the data submitted by your form created in Kickpages.

First thing to do is to create a form in Kickpages, right now we will usea ready made design block in the Kickpages editor. We need to set up the field names properly for each field, and they must be unique.

For each field i have used the same name as the field label to keep it consistent. Next thing to do is to set up the form submit button:

Hover the Send button and click on edit, click on "Submit Button Settings" and thick the "Form Submit Button field", click "Custom action", select POST for "Method" and in the "Form fields" field after click, select the field names you have sent. The value of these fields will be sent to the custom location on form submit.

The "Action URL" field remains plank for now, we will need a custom URL from Integromat, where the data will be sent. 

Visit and create a free account, after logging in, you can create your fist Scenario by clicking on "Create anew scenario". In the appearing window enter into the search field "Webhooks" and click the "Webhooks" item then click on "Continue" in the top right corner

In the new window, click the "Webhooks" item again:

Select "Custom webhook"

Click on "Add" enter a unique name, in this case "test-webhook" and click on "Save"

This will give you a unique URL to send your data to, click on "Copy address to clipboard"

Now we need to add this address to the Kickpages editor's "Action URL" field

You will need to save your page and click on "Preview" in top right corner of the editor, fill your form with dummy data, and click on Send

Going back to Integromat, will say that the data was successfully determined, and you can click on OK

In this stage, your data from the form will be received by Integromat, and you can process it how you would like it

If you would like to show a custom message or yo redirect the user to a custom URL when your form is submitted, then follow this tutorial, or you can jump straight to the processing part and saving your data.

Click on Add module, and click on Webhooks, then select "Webhook response" 

In the appearing dialog, you can enter your response message in the "Body" field. You can also use the data that was submitted and display it right away, just type your thank you message and click on name on the right side for example, which will be replaced by the value of the name field from the form that was submited:

If you would like to use Kickpages's feature to redirect the user to a custom URL after he submits the form, then you can use the same "Webhook reponse" module as above, but for the "Body" part enter 

{ "status":"OK" }

so your module settings looks like this:

then in Kickpages, set up the URL where you would like to be redirected to:

In the case above, the user will be redirected to Google right after he submits the form.

In this example we will save it to a Google Spreadsheet but it's on you how you would like to use it, send it in an email for example. Open Google Spreadsheets and create a new file and name it how you would like, in my case it will be "Data from Kickpages"

Click on add module, and enter Google Sheet in the search field then click on Google Sheets on the top, then select "Add a row"

Click on add, and add a Google connection, then click on Contoinue, and follow the wizard until you connect your Google account

After connecting your Google account, you will need to select the file you have created which will store the submitted data.

Select everything as shown above, ("Data from Kickpages" is the file i have created select the one you have created for this if named differently) and we will need to map the fields to columns

Click on "A" and select "name" (or the field name you have entered for the field name in Kickpages editor) then click on B and select email, then C and select phone:

This means that the firs column will have the names, second column will have the email numbers and third column the phone numbers. When you are all set, you can click on save. With this step done, means that the data received by Integromat, will be processed and added to a Google Spreadsheet each time the form is submitted.

In Integromat, click on Scenarios and make sure that you turn your Scenario ON Save your page in Kickpages editor and publish your page, you can fill the form with dummy data and click on "Send"

In Our Google Spreadsheet, the data should appear instantly after pressing the button:

Please note, that you do not have to store your data in Google SPreadsheets, you need to decide what you would like to do with the received data, just loo for new modules in Integromat and process the data how you would like.

If you have any questions or issues, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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