Integrate your Flaticon account

- log In to your Kickpages account

- click "Manage" then "Integrations"

- look and click on "Flaticon"

- In a new browser window or tab open

- Log in or create a free account 

- after logging in you will be taken to

- click on "Get Flaticon API key"

- click on "Request API key" and copy the API key received

- go back to your Kickpages account and enter an integration name, then paste the API key from Flaticon the click on SAVE

- you can navigate now to a Kickpages editor and try your integration

- first of all, please clear your cache, by pressing Ctrl + F5 on windows or Shift + CMD + Del on MAC

- Add a new image to your page, or edit an existing one, and hover it, then click on the small image icon in the top right corner

- click on "Integrated Image Libraries" then on "Flaticon"

- enter your search term in the search field in the top right

- hover the selected image and click on "Choose Size" then slick on the desired size

The image will be inserted in your editor right away.

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