CloudFlare - CNAME Setup

- Log in to your CloudFlare account and click the domain you would like to manage.

- Click on "DNS" in the top navigation

- Look for the line with Type of CNAME and Name of www and click on edit in the right side

- in the appearing editor enter in the "Target" field and click on save

Click on "Add record"

- In the appearing editor, for the Type select "CNAME", for Name enter "https" and for target enter and click on Save.

Make sure you enter this with NO . or trailing / at the end of the CNAME record or it will not work.

- Click on SSL/TLS in the top navigation

- Make sure that "Full" is selected for the settings

This will update your CNAME record. it can take up to 48 hours to update, depending on your domain.

You can use our Kickpages CNAME tool to check:

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