PayPal purchase link setup

You can find a simple tutorial below to start selling through PayPal:

1.     After logging in into your PayPal account, click on “Manage Buttons” on the right 2.     Click on “Create new button” on the right 3.     Set “Choose your button type” to “Buy Now” 4.     Enter an Item name to keep track 5.     Enter price and select Currency 6.     Click on “Step 3” 7.     Thick the “Take customers to this URL when they cancel their checkout” and enter your sales page URL 8.     Thick the “Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout” and paste your signup URL. 9.     Click on “Save Changes” 10.                        Click on the “Email” tab in the appearing website and that will display your purchase URL Use the URL above in your sales page for the purchase button URL.

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